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Schools turn to HBC because we deliver what they need most: Communication's next generation of value.

We know how difficult it can be for a school to select the right internet provider for an E-Rate application. After all, most providers seem to offer the same services, use identical words, and offer similar pricing.

No wonder it's confusing to you.

But HBC makes the choice much easier, because we give schools a combination of substantial values the others likely don't, starting with meaningful savings from very first day, and for years to come.

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All the many benefits your school will enjoy with HBC are summed up in one word: VALUE.

FREE PBX service, a value worth up to $3,000/year.

Our internet services come with an important extra: FREE PBX service. Schools purchasing 100MG or more of internet services from HBC will receive up to seven free phone extensions, which can add up to $3,000 a year in savings for your school.

AUTOMATIC UPGRADES to assure that your internet investment is future-proof.

HBC provides today's best-in-class, future-proof technology, because your classrooms deserve nothing less. This means you don't have to worry about your internet service becoming obsolete six months after you get it. Or even after six years, for that matter.

HBC's own ADDITIONAL GRANT could lower your costs even more.

With HBC, your substantial E-Rate discount can be just the beginning — because HBC offers an additional grant. So besides the generous grant E-Rate provides to schools, HBC offers you our own additional money-saving grant just for schools contracting for our advanced technology plan.

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Once selected, our expertise will help you receive the OPTIMUM E-RATE GRANT for your school.

As HBC is a government-accredited vendor, E-Rate rules prohibit us and all providers from being involved with the preparation of the Form-470 or the bidding process. Once chosen as your provider, we will be happy to offer — free of fees — our technical expertise and advice on additional E-Rate forms and processing.

Invoicing will be your way, as HBC provides SPI or BEAR E-Rate compliant invoicing.

We keep it simple with clear, understandable SPI or BEAR E-Rate compliant invoicing. While E-Rate funding might first appear to be mind-bogglingly complicated, our accounting department works hard to make invoicing easy, painless, accurate and totally transparent.

Internet Uptime is GUARANTEED, 100%

Yes, we did say 100%. HBC represents the country's most reliable provider of internet services — whose advanced delivery technologies include critical redundancy of networks to assure continuance of internet delivery. So your school will benefit from the most trouble-free, dependable internet service available.

24/7/365 SUPPORT, provided by professionals who are as expert as they are patient.

The HBC expert support staff is available at only one time: Any time, day or night, that you need us to help answer your questions, reconcile an issue, solve a problem, and make sure your internet service is performing at its maximum best. Which is what you, and we, expect from your internet provider.


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